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The Skin Lightening Myth

Skin lightening is one of those beauty obsessions that just will not go out of fashion. There are far too many products that aim to give lighter skin tones to say it will ever go out of fashion in the future. In many Asian countries, the desire to be whiter has grown, and more and more cosmetic lines are coming out with innovative ways of approaching skin lightening. Most of these product lines don’t come very cheaply, but because there is a demand and a growing market, they proliferate.

However, what is lightening, really? Are lightening and whitening the same thing? When you bleach your skin, can you call it lightening your skin tone? This article will address these questions and tell you more about skin lightening and what it actually does (and does not do), so that we may make the most of what we know and use the treatments or products that will give us the most benefits.

What lightening is not

Lightening is not bleaching the skin. While bleaching simply aims to change the skin color for the sake of changing the skin color, lightening goes far deeper than that. Also, lightening is not as harmful as bleaching and does not cause irritation and damage, as happens when a person undergoes bleaching treatments.
There is a lot of care that has to be involved when bleaching the skin or using products that are aimed at whitening the skin, because more often than not, they contain chemicals that are too strong and which are often reported to cause allergic reactions that make the situation worse. For instance, many whitening products contain hydrogen peroxide, which is potentially damaging to the structure of the skin, and when used topically long term and in large quantities it can cause premature aging, blotching, and even adverse reactions like contact dermatitis or allergies.

What lightening is

Lightening is the process of improving or correcting your skin tone and restoring it to its original youthful, radiant state. Most people have dull and dark complexions – not based on any skin color biases but due to lack of skincare, laziness in sticking to a skincare regimen, too much exposure to the sun, excessive dryness of the skin, and others. All these unpleasant conditions may be corrected. Even the products that we use, such as make-up, can cause these negative effects.

Acne, pimple marks, and scarring are also some reasons why people need skin lightening. Skin problems like acne, however moderate, leave marks on the skin that, when left to themselves, stay for months and even years. Scarring generally fades, but without any external help it will stretch on and on until it will still feel like you have a breakout long after it’s over.
It’s skin troubles like these that are most frequently targeted by lightening methods and products like the Zeta White product line. This product line aims to restore the skin to its natural glow without using any harmful or harsh chemicals. The goals is to undo the effects of many years of sun damage, skin trauma, and other skin issues that have left a significant trace on the skin. Unlike other product lines, Zeta White is made of all-natural, organic ingredients and is not mixed with harmful chemicals that pose a threat to the health of the skin.

In other words, lightening is simply improving the skin and bringing it back to what it naturally is. This is a far cry from skin whitening. The overall aim is to improve the skin, not specifically to make it whiter.

Healthier complexion

Have you noticed how people with healthy skin always appear to have bright, glowing complexions? This has nothing to do with being white at all. Healthy skin is lighter skin. Damage is what causes dark spots, dullness, flakiness, and tired-looking skin.

Skin lightening is geared towards having a healthier complexion, regardless of what your skin color is. The great thing about skin lightening is that it does not have a bias against skin color. Because, hey, all skin colors are beautiful! But every person, whatever the skin color, could use some improvement.

The bad side to whitening

Many people who aim for whiter skin tend to disregard the many adverse effects that drastic skin whitening can bring about. While skin lightening is nourishing the skin so that there is an overall glow in the complexion, skin whitening can result in papery, dull, white skin. It’s great if you have a light complexion. But if it’s dull, dry, and lackluster, what good is it? Most whitening products cause flaking and extreme dryness that leads to deep wrinkles and pronounced fine lines. At first, the dramatic change in skin color may amaze, but the long-term results generally disappoint.

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A lot of people also think that because you have dark marks, you should go for bleaching agents and products. This is a big no. Attacking the problem this way will only make it worse. Already-irritated skin should be handled as if it were fragile, and gentle products ought to be the choice.

Your skin color is beautiful

Lastly, the skin that you’re in is beautiful. There is no need to change it. Making yourself white will never mean making yourself beautiful, because you are already beautiful. What we all simply need is a boost of enhancement!

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