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Five Tips for Avoiding Sun Exposure without Becoming a Recluse

Worried about skin damage due to sun exposure? Whether you’re having a bad skin day, you’ve had a skin treatment that caused sensitivity, or you’re just trying to avoid sun spots, limiting sun exposure can always be a good thing, especially if you have been exposing your skin to sunlight too much recently and need to take a step back into the shadows for a bit. But is protecting your skin from sun damage really that demanding of hiding from sunlight? A lot of people think that maintaining your place in the shade is key. However, while it is very helpful, it does not have to be the main course of action, and you certainly don’t have to be a recluse just to protect your skin. Here are some realistic, doable, and sure ways you can protect your skin from too much sun exposure.

Wear Sun Screen with High Protection Levels

SPF 15 used to be good enough. In fact, anything that had SPF on them made us feel safe enough from sun damage. But times have changed, and our skin requires more potent protection from UV rays now more than ever. We can no longer take for granted being out in the sun unprotected for long stretches of time. This is especially true for those who live in tropical countries. These days, the sun and the heat have become next to unbearable on particular hours of the day. The temperatures are rising unbelievably, and this does not simply cause discomfort. This presents a real health threat, as more and more people are growing susceptible to skin diseases because of the harsher UV rays.
Cosmetic companies have adjusted to the increasing needs of the market, thankfully. And so we now have sun screen products that have SPF protection of 60 and above. 60 is already a good number, and you can frolic in the sun for some time without fear of sun damage.

Keep from Going Out on Particular Times

There are times of day when the sun is highest and the damage to the skin is most real. Try to schedule your activities in such a way that you are indoors at noontime or the early afternoons, when it’s hottest out. No one can actually stay inside for days, and nobody actually wants zero social life.
Instead of doing your errands in the early afternoons, why not do them early in the morning instead? Then your errands can even double as a morning stroll and exercise. You can also go out on late afternoons, as the sun is not as harsh then.

However, always remember that whatever time of day it is, the sun is still present. And you still need to protect your skin, even on cloudy or rainy days when you can’t feel a hint of sun around. Never step out of your house without sunscreen. As a matter of fact, you should never allow yourself to be awake in the day without sunscreen on, regardless of whether you are outdoors or indoors.

Steer Clear of Harsh Chemicals

There are lots of cosmetic products that contain harsh chemicals, especially those that promise lightening effects. These products more often than not render the skin highly sensitive to sunlight.
Some of the things to watch out for in products are redness after a bit of sun exposure, irritation upon application, stinging upon application, tightness of the skin. These are all indications that whatever it is you’re using, it is too harsh for your skin, and your skin is reacting to it negatively.

Listen to what your skin is telling you and do not continue application once any of these occur. These may also be indications that you are allergic to one or some of the ingredients in the product, and it may be best to discontinue use.

Our skin is supposed to be our body’s first defense; using products that make it too sensitive and susceptible to damage is counterproductive, even if the products claim to promote positive results.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

If you know that you will be outdoors all day, it will be very helpful to wear clothing that will assist your skin in protecting itself. Sure, the ladies will react to this by thinking of goofy visors and baseball caps (ugh) and roll their eyes in disbelief. It’s better to be dead than caught with a funny fashion sense. But wait, hear me out for a bit. You don’t have to be unfashionable when aiming to be protective of your skin. And besides, baseball caps aren’t that bad, of course for something casual. In fact, they can even look cool, added to the right ensemble.

Also, umbrellas have become quite essential these days, especially in the warmer parts of the world. They are handy and mobile, and you can just pop them up when the occasion calls for it.

Have Fun in the Shade

You can still be outside but not exposing yourself to the sun. There are ways to be out and still be in the shade. When you’re sun sensitive but want some beach time, you can always have fun under the trees—and then go back inside when you’ve gotten your dose of the ocean. The thing is you still need sunlight. You can enjoy the daylight. You can soak up some sunshine. It’s simply a matter of minding when too much is too much. Stay in the shadows too long, and your body will scream sunlight too. But yep, wear sunscreen.

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