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Finally! A Beauty Range to Match YOUR Skin Color!

Think party in a compact, wonder in a shade of blush. That’s what make up is supposed to be. It’s supposed to be fun and adventure and chances and new. It’s you but better. Fenty Beauty takes beauty to a new and exciting platform, where there are no rules, and you can take bold moves on beauty. Creator of this new beauty range Rihanna forgets limits and breaks the traditional mold by making sure that every skin color, every race, every skin type gets to experience the fun of make up with her beauty line.

Every make up aficionado knows that one of the trickiest but most important steps in make up is selecting the right shade foundation. Foundation is the base of your make up and functions, ideally, like second skin. The significantly narrow range of shades that used to be available on the market has made this step extra difficult, as many people find themselves settling for shades that are just outright wrong for them or not good enough to blend with their skin color. With the tagline “Beauty for all,” the overwhelmingly broad range of foundation, bronzer, highlighter, and blush shades available with Fenty Beauty has utterly broken through this wall, and now more than ever, everyone can find their skin’s perfect match.

Finding the Right Foundation Shade

Fenty Beauty has four different foundation shade categories: light, medium, tan, and deep. Each category is further sub-categorized to cover cool, neutral, and warm tones. In order to determine whether the shade is right for your skin tone, try to select specific foundations nearest to your color and swatch them on your skin to try and test out how the pigment applies to you. The Fenty Beauty website gives a pro tip for those who are checking the foundation range for the first time: If you are torn between some foundation shades, go for the lighter one, as they claim that the product is highly pigmented. Many reviews on social media have also seconded this tip, as even the deeper tones may not look as dark as the product when seen from the tube but is very pigmented when applied on the face.

If you don’t have physical access to any product testers yet, you can check the shade Foundation Shade Finder on the Fenty Beauty website. Snapshots of the swatches and people using the foundations can help to determine which ones will suit you. Another tip that you may find useful, especially when making an online purchase is if you are Asian, you will most likely have a yellowy undertone. Depending on how light or dark your skin is, you can simply play around with checking out the cool and warm tones.

Mixing Different Foundation Shades

Still can’t decide which shade to choose? Why not play around with two different shades and mix them together when applying your make up? Mixing different foundations is nothing new in make up, and is a lot more familiar for those who have had a hard time finding the right shade. If you can’t make up your mind about one product, don’t hesitate to select two different shades, one slightly darker or lighter from the other.

There are two benefits to this: You can mix them together and get a right color formula to match your specific complexion, plus you can use the darker one when you’ve had some fun under the sun and you get yourself tanned darker than your normal skin color. Eventually, though, you are bound to find one shade that will be your foundation of choice.

Contour and Conceal All in One Product? Why Not?

Who says everyday make up can’t include contour? Day make up for the office may not warrant a heavy photoshoot level contour, but it with subtle contouring, it can definitely get such a boost. Selecting the right shade of bronzer, though, is very important, as it has to blend with the shade of your foundation, so be as careful in selecting your bronzer as you are with your foundation.
The Fenty Beauty Match Stix is one of the most useful products in the beauty line, as it can function to conceal, contour, correct skin tone, and even give a quick but long-lasting touch up, all in one magnetized tube. The Match Stix comes in twenty shades, so feel free to play around with the colors, and select which shades are best for contouring or concealing, depending on your complexion.

The Match Stix provides a matte finish and, unlike most cream-like products, is lightweight and easy to layer on. If you are using this to conceal on top of your foundation and underneath a powder, the line also guarantees no caking and no creasing, which is perfect for those who prefer low-maintenance make-up or those who don’t want to keep checking their make up within the day.

Fun It Up with Highlight

Guess what: This beauty range is obsessive about glitter. If you can’t get enough of gold on your skin, there is no time more on point to play around with highlighters than right now. If you want a creamier highlighter, or one that you can simply pop on your skin with no need of brush, you can try the Match Stix Trio, which includes a concealer, contouring stick, and a highlighter, in three magnetic tubes that look great and come in a wide spectrum of shades.

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For your bolder make up moments, make sure to try out the Killawatt Freestyle highlighter in the shade Trophy Wife. You can’t get any more trophy than this highlighter. Wear it and, girl, watch home boy squint at your blinding highlighter.

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