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6 Tips To Lighten Your Complexion With Make-Up

Looking for a lighter skin tone? Not seeing the results of your skin lightening products fast enough? If you’re too excited to wait, this is a good time to be impatient. Make-up has never been as versatile and varied in terms of the things you can do with it. From enhancing one’s features to totally making over anyone’s appearance, make-up is the perfect go-to for instant – albeit temporary – fixes and touch-ups for those moments when we want to look our absolute best, and that includes looking a shade or two lighter if the occasion calls for it. Here are some tips on how you can use make-up to achieve a lighter complexion hassle-free.

Use a translucent mineral powder

Sometimes, when our make-up has been on our face for some time, it starts to make us look oily and cakey. This gives off a dull and darker appearance that, regardless of skin tone, looks less appealing. Some face powder is so heavy on the skin that the moment we sweat even the tiniest bit, it sits on our face like a weight. The color also tends to look darker.

To avoid this, opt for a translucent mineral powder to finish your make-up. Mineral powders are generally very light. They help to set make-up while preventing any caking or dulling of color. The majority also have a shimmer finish, which is perfect to achieve a brighter, more open look. To look lighter than you naturally are, use a powder that is half a shade or a shade lighter than your foundation. Make sure that you use this on your neck area as well so that your skin tone looks even.

Ditch the smoky eye make-up

Sure, sometimes we want a little drama, and no look says drama quite like the smoky eye. But if you want to fake a lighter complexion, you might want to ditch this for now. The reason is that it tends to favor a darker look, which won’t help when you want a lighter skin tone.

Try, instead, a more natural eye make-up. The no make-up look is perfect for this, and is easier to manipulate. You can accentuate your eyes by using more earthy tones or natural shades for your lids, just enough to make your eyes look open and alive. When proceeding to blush, look for a pinkish shade that will make your complexion naturally pinkish-light, but go easy when applying – more is not always best. When trying to achieve a natural look, less is more.

Conceal dark spots

This is very important. What’s a lighter complexion if you have those pesky dark spots scattered all over your face, right? Dab just a little concealer on the problem areas, making sure that you do not put too much, as concealers are often thick and will cake when applied too much. When applying, make sure that you blend the concealer with the rest of your face so as to achieve a flawless and smooth finish.

Remember that in choosing a concealer, it can help to use greenish tones to cover up those acne flare-ups that are red and inflamed, as green counters the redness and hides it more effectively than the usual skin-tone concealer.

However, covering is not enough. Make your concealer work harder for you and choose one that also has healing and nourishing properties. Look for products that are infused with vitamin E, vitamin C, or niacinamide, as the first two help in calming inflammation while niacinamide inhibits melanin production and promotes lightening.

Go easy on the contour

If the occasion is nothing too fancy, maybe you could do away with the contour. We use bronzers for contouring, and while they really do a lot to help us achieve a better face shape, they can make the skin look a bit darker, which obviously won’t do anything to make you look lighter.

However, if you absolutely cannot help but contour, go easy on the bronzer and remember to use a light hand. Unless you’re going on a shoot, you can very easily opt for light contour, though.

Highlight your face

Yep, highlight those cheekbones, girl! Complementing the right contour, highlighting can add that brightness to your skin that will help you look not just lighter but glowing. For regular days, such as when you’re out at work, you won’t need your highlight to be as sharp as a knife, so adjust according to the occasion.

To help you look lighter than your natural complexion, go for the more natural shades to fake a naturally light skin tone. Gold shimmers and highlighters have recently come into fashion, and while they can be fun to wear to parties, they don’t help in making you look naturally lighter.

Use the right shade of foundation

The foundation is the base of your make-up, so if your goal is to look lighter, it is very important to start with a base that will achieve this goal right off the bat. Choose a foundation that is lighter than your skin color, but don’t go so overboard that your face looks completely alien from the rest of your body.

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Choose a foundation that is a bit lighter but that fits the rest of your body’s skin. Don’t go two shades lighter. You’ll know you chose the right one when you apply the foundation and it makes your face look lighter but blends really well with your neck skin. Unless you use the right foundation, whatever else you put on your skin will probably not give you the desired result.

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